The earliest blind door hinge was the external spring hinge. There are four Disadvantages of this hinge:

  1. External spring easy to jump off and hurt people;

  2. Hinge cup is made of plastic injection molding, very weak;

  3. Doors bang when they close, especially the glass door. Be prone to danger;

  4. The aging of the hinge cup greatly affects its service life.

Later, the internal spring hinge was developed, which avoided the problem of spring off, but still did not solve the impact of closed doors. And then, two-way hinges have been developed. The hinge cups are made of steel or alloy. The two sections of force hinge completely avoid disadvantages such as the spring off and impact when closing doors. It can stop at any position; The spring began to work until close to the last 45┬░, and let the door closed gently. Its service life is more than 100,000 times.

China’s first door accessories was a simple plastic trip door, the wheel was direct injection molding, the track was also extrusion molding. It was very inconvenient to adjust, it caused noise when used, and the plastic was easy to age, which directly affects the service life.

And then, a sliding door with bearings instead of plastic wheels was invented, which reduced noise, but did not have enough load-bearing capacity to be installed on a large wardrobe door.

A few years later developed a heavy-duty hanging sliding door, the sliding door accessories have been greatly improved in terms of noise, load-bearing. Which was lightweight, smooth and noiseless, it is fully comparable to imported quality products.

Now let’s talk about the hardware for drawers.

You maybe know NO drawer slides were used in our furniture in Modern China and even in the 1980s. When pulling the drawer, it was noisy and slides out easily, so it was very likely to cause injury. Modern furniture commonly uses bottom-supported drawer slides that push& pull smoothly and lightweight, and close automatically to prevent them from sliding outward. The developed models included ball bearing slides, metal box, and concealed under-mounted drawer slides.

The three hardware examples cited above fully illustrate the development of China’s furniture hardware accessories. At present, Chinese furniture hardware accessories can completely replace imported hardware accessories, However, there are still some gaps in functional accessories with high technical content. How to improve product versatility and interchangeability´╝čAdvocate people-oriented, pay attention to safety, convenience, environmental protection, fast, make products perfect, Ongoing efforts are also needed to develop.

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