Partial Extension Ball Bearing Runners for 17mm groove


  • Partial extension ball bearing runners for 17mm groove
  • Made of cold-rolled steel with zinc plated.
  • Suitable for drawers with 17 mm wide of groove and with depth between 192-510 mm.
  • Thickness: 0.8x 0.8, 0.9x 0.9, 1.0x 1.0 mm
  • Maximum load up to 10kg.
  • Two Sections design, 12 pcs of Stainless steel balls in the ball positioning groove which can stable ball sliding direction, not easy to derail, and they are wear-resistant, hard and smooth.
  • With Plastic casing around Ball Bearings. If need the Metal bead tank, please contact us for customization.
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The 17mm Wide Slide Track Rail Mounting Drawer Runners with

Various Lengths for choosing, including 182 mm, 214 mm, 246 mm, 278 mm, 310 mm, 342 mm, 378 mm, 406 mm, 438 mm, 500 mm


  1. Smooth operation, well made. Exact match replacement on an old MFI chest of drawers and work very smoothly.  Our 17mm Drawer Runners Ball Bearing Grooved Metal Slides have an arrow moulded-in to show which way to fit them. Very easily fitted as a replacement drawer runner.
  2. Smooth, Robust Drawer Runners.  Double Win Star’s Ball-bearing partial extension runners for 17mm grooves are very robust and are good value for the money. Customers recommended. They like its robust and functioned very smoothly.
  3. Double Win Star’s Partial Extension Ball Bearing Runners/Slides are most definitely 2-way slides — that is, if you put it in a center island, the drawer would be able to be pulled out from either side.
  4. Could not find anywhere else except in Double Win Star Hardware. The user needed the 17mm Wide Slide Track Rail Mounting Drawer Runners to replace the broken ones that came with a Walmart dresser. They work great for what they are. Just don’t overload the drawers with heavy items.
  5. Great value. Fit perfectly! Our 17 mm Ball bearing drawer slides are designed with multiple fixed hole positions for easy installation and adjustment.
  6. The consumer bought 17mm Wide Slide Track Rail Mounting Drawer Runners to renew his drawers, it works perfectly for their needs. They are easy to install and very sturdy. Let’s see the second use experience from another consumer, he had to replace his drawer track and our 17mm width mini drawer runners worked great, fixed customers draws back into place and are working great.
  7. The price is great.
  8. Very easy to fit. Very easy to install. good value. Easy to install. Replaced slides on an old piece of modular furniture. 
  9. Great replacements, Fits as it should. Great replacement for broken draw runners, pretty much identical to the originals.
  10. Brilliant for restoring drawers. Strong & Sturdy
  11. Good product: Used the 17mm Drawer Runners on IKEA drawers as couldn’t get IKEA ones. Drawers now are sliding out more what gives better access to them. Very smooth and accurate slide, quietly.


Double Win Star Hardware is the professional manufacturer in Jieyang City. We supply the wholesale price. Welcome to contact with us by email:, WhatsApp me or WeChat me on 008618206639610

What questions do you have for our 17mm Ball Bearing Two Way Slide Track Rail? please submit your ideas here!

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