175° Wide Angle Corner Hinges for Bifold Cabinet

Products Description:

Opening angle 175°
Cup Depth 12.5mm
Cup Diameter 35mm
Specifications Soft closing and Non-soft closing
Optional Base Plate Slide-on/ Clip-on/ 3D Adjustable
Material Steel with nickel plating



Dear Friends, welcome to DWS website, you will know something about the wide-angle cabinet hinges on this page.

175-degree angle hinges are customized for corner storage solutions

No matter where you look at it from any angle, corner cabinets waste space and make it difficult to reach items stored in the corners area. To fix this technical deficiency, the corner cabinets need to use our special angle hinges — 175°  Angle Corner Hinges. We make two types for your choice: Non-soft closing and soft-closing.

They have 4 models for your choice.

The Normal 175° Special angle hinges, Non-soft closing, slide-on —- Model: 1218, the weight of full overlay is 134 gram; Half overlay 143 gram; Insert 144 gram.

The 175° Special angle hinges, soft closing, clip-on —- Model: 1219, the weight of full overlay is 165 gram; Half overlay 165 gram; Insert 170 gram.

The 175° Special angle hinges, soft closing, fix-base plate —- Model: 1220, the weight of full overlay is 156 gram; Half overlay 156 gram; Insert 161 gram.

The 175° Special angle hinges, soft closing, 3D adjustable —- Model: 1221, the weight of full overlay is 175 gram; Half overlay 175 gram; Insert 180 gram.


The base plate has 2 holes and 4 holes. The 2 holes base plate covers the wood screw hole and euro-screw hole.

The base plate including slide-on, clip-on, and 3D adjustable.

The 3D adjustable base plate has two shapes: Square shape, trapezoid shape.

There are three kinds of cups for your choice, I mean the hole distance/ hole pitch: 45 mm/ 48 mm/ 52 mm

Real Project from Clients & Users

Bifold Door in the kitchen, use 2 pieces of 175-degree corner hinges.

The normal wardrobe, assemble 2 pieces of 175° Wide-angle furniture hinges, let the opening angle is large enough. Easy for reaching clothes.

With the customized wardrobe up to the ceiling, Our 175° Self-closing corner hinges can help you have an unimaginable view when open the cabinet door. Because its opening angle is 175 degrees. Make the most of your space.

A self-closing system and built-in dampers allow the doors to close silently, creating a quiet home environment.

After spending some time here I hope that you could find the products you need from our company. For the concealed hinges as long as you have any questions, Your DWS salesperson will work with you to select the best product for your goal and budget.

Just drop us an email to angela@okdws.com or submit your ideas below.

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