Wholesale 135° Corner Angle Hinges- 1203

Corner folded kitchen cabinet door, customized hinge

135-degree special angle hinges usually use for 90-degree corner cabinet door, Joint door of the corner cabinet, or Corner folding door.





 Opening angle 135°
Depth of hinge cup 10.5mm
The diameter of the hinge cup 35mm
Door (K) dimension 3mm-7mm
Door thickness 14mm-24mm
Material Iron with nickel plating


135 degree hinges and 165 degree angle hinge always work together. Connecting two door panels, they could be opened completely at the same time.

Make the most of the space, Let the cabinets have plenty of room to move around while satisfying the basic storage space and operating space.

Meeting the need for new concept furniture design and use.

Double Win Star is the professional cabinet hinges wholesale since 2009, located in Jieyang city, Guangdong province. Welcome to contact us at any questions.

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