Hi Friends, welcome to Double Win Star, located in Jieyang City, Guangdong Province, China. We’re a professional manufacturer of cabinet door hinges and ball bearing slides started its activity in 2009, so we have been operating on the market for over 12 years. It allowed us to get to know our industry well and gain specialist knowledge about concealed hinges and drawer slides. Our goal has always been to provide customers with the best products that will fully meet their needs. That is why in our factory you will find an extremely wide selection of products along with the professional service of our qualified employees.

Most clients are interested in the productive process of hydraulic hinges. When they visit us, they take some pictures or videos in the workshop. That’s why I’m writing this article.

After reading it, you will understand:

  1. What is a hydraulic damping hinge?
  2. The advantages of self-closing hinges.
  3. What is the manufacturing process of hydraulic concealed hinges? Including 11 STEPS.         
  • What is a soft-closing hinge?

The soft-closing hinges also called hydraulic hinges. It’s one type of cabinet hinges that features a hydraulic mechanism/ piston built into it. Soft-close damping hinges, widely recognized in the market, are simple but elegant, bring you a smooth and comfortable cabinet door opening and closing experience. Including clip-on, slide-on, and fixed base plate.

  • The advantages of slow close cabinet hinges

Double Win Star selects good quality steel to produce the concealed soft-closing hinges. So our hydraulic hinges are durable and quiet cushioning, pass 50,000 times opening and closing test and 24-hour salt spray test.

Our damping hinges are soft and silent, not easy to pinch people. It’s favored by decorators, bring A flurry of orders.

With it, there is no fear of waking a sleeping family member when the door is closed; with it, there is no cluttered noise that disturbs the harmony of the home.

  • 11 STEPS of Industrial production process for Door Damper Soft-close hinges

During reading, you may need to see the image: cabinet soft-closing hinges construction at the top.

Step 1: Purchasing the Raw materials/ Cold-rolled steel.

Raw materials cold rolled steel for punching hinges fittings

Step 2: Punching the concealed hinges accessories in the Press workshop.

A variety of cabinet hinges parts are pressed at the same time, the punching including these fittings: Hinge cups, Hinges arms, Clic, Baseplate, Fastenings, Springs(NO.17).

At the same time, we purchase Screws, big pins, small pins, pistons, and springs of clic(if the clip-on hydraulic hinges) from professional producers. And print the carton boxes according to clients’ requests.

Step 3: Electroplating all the accessories of the concealed hydraulic hinges.

Electroplating all the accessories of the concealed hydraulic hinges

Step 4: Connectors NO.12, NO. 15, and NO. 17 soaking lube oil.

Step 5: Connectors NO.12, NO. 15, and NO. 17 assemble with piston/hydraulic pump.

Connectors assemble with piston hydraulic pump

Step 6: The hinges arms assemble with the lower arms(NO.3), hinges arms. Connectors assemble with piston hydraulic pump-1

Step 7: Follow up with steps 5 and 6, assemble the connectors, piston with the hinges cup by the big pin& small pin and U shape pin.


Step 8: Fitting the base plate together with the hinge arm, tighten the adjustable screws M4.


Step 9: Stable the pins/rivets on the hinge arms.

step9-Stable the pins/rivets on the hinge arms

Hydraulic Hinges produce steps by steps

Hydraulic Hinges produce steps by steps

Step 10: Quality inspection

Step 11: Packing: putting the hinges into a box according to the client’s requirement.

Packing: putting the hinges into a box according to client's requirement.

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